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Negelan (wall installation)

Negelan (wall installation)

Janet Goldner. Negelan (wall installation), 2000–2006.

Negelan is a wall installation composed of elements, iconography that has occurred in my work for many years. Cut-out steel figures, feathers, hands, and geometric patterning comprise the intricate, lacy steel elements of this large-scale wall installation. I found many of the steel shapes among scrap and outtakes from my own previous work. Word relationships are also at play in this work. The word negelan is a pun on the bamanankan (one of the languages spoken in Mali) word bogolan: "bogo" is the word for clay; "nege" is the word for metal. By using bogolan patterning in metal, my piece becomes negelan.


social protest, steel, social issues, poetry, story, text, political issues, memorial, narrative, multi-cultural, mud cloth, Mali, metal, Kasobane, writing, welding, Islam, identity, heritage, genealogy, figurative, emerging, fabricated, ethnicity, collection, contemporary, colonialism, bogolan, autobiography, books, Africa, Activism, post-colonialism, public art, pattern and decoration, race, racism, resistance, site specific, social activist, stories

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