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Can We Acknowledge?

Can We Acknowledge?

Janet Goldner. Can We Acknowledge?, 2002–2005.

This work is a continuation of my series of large steel books. The interplay of positive and negative space, of image and text is important to this work. This steel accordion-book/fence has five 4-foot x 4-foot steel pages which ask, "Can we acknowledge the pain we have caused in the world, even as we struggle with our own?" Goldner explains, "While nothing can excuse the attack on the World Trade Center or the terrible loss of innocent life, it is not difficult to understand why people would be angry at the U.S. The text in Can We Acknowledge? addresses this aspect of the tragedy."


writing, text, narrative, multi-cultural, memorial, mud cloth, Mali, metal, Kasobane, Islam, installation, heritage, identity image/text, genealogy, figurative, ethnicity, colonialism, political issues, bogolan, artist books, Africa, activism, poetry, public art, resistance, site specific, social activist, social issues, steel

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