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"Have We Met? A Portrait of Mali" installation

Janet Goldner. "Have We Met? A Portrait of Mali" installation, 2006.

Have We Met? (A Portrait of Mali) is a installation with steel sculpture, video and sound. It includes gestural steel sculptures inspired by Malian masks, sculptures and ideograms and a 15 minute split-screen video loop that presents four aspects of daily life in Karenguimbe, a remote village in northern Mali. Combining sculpture and video, Have We Met? engages the public in an interactive dialogue to bridge Malian realities and Western audiences with images that are small, personal and human.


Narrative, multi-cultural, memorial, mud cloth, Mali, metal, Kasobane, installation, Islam, identity image/text, heritage, Feminist, text, social protest, Sculptors, video, video projection, Visual and Fine Arts, welding, writing, women, poetry, women artists, genealogy, figurative, feminist art, Exhibits, political issues, photography, photograph, photo, outdoor sculpture, emerging. fabricated, ethnicity, documentary photography, digital media, collection, colonialism., contemporary, social issues, bogolan, books, autobiography, Arts and Humanities, artistsâ?? books, Africa, postcolonialism, Activism, public art, public sculpture, pattern and decoration, Political, race, racism, resistance, site specific, social activist, stories, story, sculpture, steel

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"Have We Met? A Portrait of Mali" installation

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