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Dias especiales (Special Days)

Dias especiales (Special Days)

Jessica Lagunas. Dias especiales (Special Days), 2008.


Dias especiales is an introspective exploration of the female body, reflecting on the menstrual cycle. But rather than offering a negative connotation with the association of dirtiness and impurity of some cultures and religions, I want to cherish women’s bodies by exploring menstruation in a positive way.

The print consists of ten images inspired from medical books of microscopic samples of biopsies of vaginal tissue from different days of the menstrual cycle, and taken them as reference to draw onto each of the copper plates.

The print was exhibited as an installation:
–In the bedroom of artist Blanka Amezkua, at Bronx Blue Bedroom Project, NY, 2008.
–Stored in a chest of drawers at the NoMAA Grantees Exhibit, Uptown Art Stroll, NY, 2008.


Bronx Blue Bedroom Project, bedroom, etching, menstruation, printmaking, installation, chest of drawers, bed sheet, linens, NoMAA, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance

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