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Earth Birth

Earth Birth

Judy Chicago. Earth Birth, 1983.

During the early 1980s, Judy Chicago worked on the "Birth Project," a series of images she designed for execution by a network of skilled needleworkers spread across the U.S. These needleworkers were volunteers who had either stayed in contact with Judy Chicago following their work on images to give expression to an important aspect of female experience too rarely depicted in fine art while linking these individual birth experiences to ancient, archetypal, female-centered myths of creation. The designs for several images in the series, most notably executed in a variety of needlework mediums over a several year period. The work depicted here is "Earth Birth "(1983), a sprayed acrylic on fabric painting by Judy Chicago with quilting by Jacquelyn Moore. "Earth Birth" is also available as a 1985 serigraph by the artist and as one of five serigraphs in a suite called Eve Images from the "Birth Project."

Mixed Media

needlework, quilting, quilts, fabric, textiles, serigraphy, birth

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Santa Fe, NM

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