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Punishment and Crime

Punishment and Crime

Katarzyna Kozyra. Punishment and Crime, 2002.

The work is presented on one big screen and seven video monitors. It explores the other side of men's/boys' behaviour and fascinations and shows a group of men engaged in paramilitary activities. For them, the weapons and explosives are not simply a hobby but a deep passion. Free of any ideals or ideological goals, their obsession appears primal and atavistic. The artist documents the actions and activities of this group. On one level, these resemble innocent childhood war games, while on another, due to the genuine danger and violent force of real weapons, bullets and explosives, they are closer to actual military operations. The faces of the participants are camouflaged with masks representing faces of pin-up girls or Playboy models. This softens the effect of danger and fear without depleting the authenticity and documentary character of the footage.


installation, crime, kozyra, video, punishment

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