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Her Keys

Her Keys

Kate Just. Her Keys, 2010.

Drawn to the mysterious form and symbolism of keys, one day as Just sat down to draw with her daughter she found herself drawing a series of unusual black keys. Just eventually decided these relate to the spaces "around and inside the female body". Intrigued, she decided to make them as overscaled clay sculptures, imbedding personal or collected visual motifs or ‘scripts’ in each one and basing their shapes and styles on various historical eras and types. Of the final works - a series of thirty two keys - one key has an Egyptian hieroglyphic for placenta at the top of it, another is like an eye of a needle, one is a flower, one has the Greek female symbol for Juno while other forms are invented by Just. Many of the keys have tightly knitted black handles or embellishments.


opening, tools, secrets, rooms, space, women, archetypes, symbolism, keys

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Melbourne, Victoria


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