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Kate Just. Diane, 2009.

Diane is one of seven collages in Just's Bombshell series. The title draws on the “Bombshell Girl” or “pin-up” girls who were painted onto the sides of WWII planes, bombers, and their bombs. This series extends Just’s ongoing interest in the idea that women and ‘machines’ can be considered as potentially interchangeable within the male imagination.

Virtually legless and armless though implying movement through their curved bases, handles and tubes, Just’s bombshells are anthropomorphic combinations, bringing together both ‘women’ and machines, though perhaps of the domestic, rather than war-waging, sort. These fabulous femmes are comprised of various categories of objects which have actual or historical associations with the feminine, including the natural, the domestic and the bodily. As Just states: “Each collage represents for me an archetypal (rather than stereotypical) notion of ideal femininity - that she is youthful, fertile, desirable, and useful.”

Furthering Just’s interest in the biological mechanisms of femininity, each of these collaged ‘bombshells’ has been named after the female brand-names of contraceptive pills: a chemical intervention in female biology that has both liberated and yet programmed the female body.

Mixed Media

Diane, contraceptive pill, bombshell, umbrella, nurse, sailor, sex symbol

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Melbourne, Victoria


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