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Shed That Skin

Shed That Skin

Kate Just. Shed That Skin, 2007–2008.

Shed That Skin was inspired by paintings Just saw in Europe by Van der Goes, Michelangelo, Hieronymous Bosch and Tiepolo which image the serpent tempting Eve with fruits from the Tree of Knowledge. Biblical descriptions and these paintings portray the serpent as a beautiful woman on the top and a snake on the bottom. Her face tilts towards Eve in sisterhood or slight sexual provocation; sometimes her hands and expression mirror Eve’s. This early story and centuries of its retelling mark snakes as dark, evil creatures and women as easily tempted and untrustworthy. Just was inspired to knit that burdensome skin and let both creatures shed it.


snake, skin, Eve, temptation, birth, chain mail

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Melbourne, Victoria


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