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Let Me Show You The Door

Let Me Show You The Door

Kathleen Madigan. Let Me Show You The Door, 2006.

Let Me Show You The Door is a response to domestic abuse. A thick black and white door hangs 6" in front of rich red sewn fabric, casting shadows. The door is not solid, but carved and full of holes, and covered in symbols, Monopoly money, and graffiti spelling out phrases that an abusive man might say to his victim, including, "you'll never survive without me," "why don't you think about me for once," "you'll be sorry," "I promise I'll change," and others. A light switch reading 'Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde: Flip Switch Here,' a sealed envelope containing contrary opinions, and crushed wedding bells adorn the door.

Mixed Media

black and white, wedding bells, domestic abuse, abuse, carved, graffiti, found objects, money, Monopoly, abusive, fabric, quilt, Jekyll and Hyde, red, door

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Nashville, TN


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