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Mom's Dress


Kristin Calabrese. Mom's Dress, 2011.


Mom’s Dress is a 5 x 6 foot painting of a small area in the lap of a dress, blown up.

It’s a 4 year old kid’s eye view of Mom when going up to hug her legs. I didn’t realize the painting would be this when I started it. My goal had been to put many different colors on the canvas, but have them illusionistically look like one surface, that was not the surface of the canvas, but maybe an inch or two below the surface, and on the peaks, possibly appear to be in the room, forward on the canvas. The dress I took the pattern from to paint is a floral fabric. The painting ended up still really looking like a dress in the painting - a dress with the kind of fabric my mom wore in the early 70s. She would make her own dresses and small versions with the same fabric for me. I didn’t realize the content of the painting - that it was about the memory of being a kid - until I was well into the painting of it.


pattern, painting, dress, mom

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Inglewood, CA
United States


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