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Hold Your Breath

Hold Your Breath

Kristin Calabrese. Hold Your Breath, 2010.

Hold Your Breath is a painting of a colorful bouquet of flowers in front of a wall with some colorful spray paint lines on it and some painted depictions of torn bits of floral sheets from my bed. I wanted to paint this painting because I love the flower paintings of Brenna Youngblood and Nina Bovasso. I like the way Brenna uses many kinds of materials spontaneously, and because of the collision of colors and materials, her paintings are mind blowing and overwhelming – they erase thoughts. I wanted to be able to do that, so I thought that I could combine rendering of different kinds of materials to create the same effect, although in a slowed down way – more like a car accident when time slows down. I thought that I could mimic loose naturalness and make something look natural that’s completely controlled. I had to work hard to copy a natural gesture or a natural flower.


flowers, still life, painting, color

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Inglewood, CA
United States


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