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Wallpaper and Negligee #1

Wallpaper and Negligee #1

Laura Splan. Wallpaper and Negligee #1, 2008.

Wallpaper is hand block-printed wallpaper. The traditional pattern is printed using the artist’s own blood as ink.

The Trousseau series uses a transparent plastic-like material that results from a common drugstore facial peel-off mask. This bizarre beauty product picks up and retains the detailed impression of texture and hairs on one’s skin. I essentially cover my entire body with the product. Once it dries, I peel it off in one large “hide” so that I have large sheets of “fabric” to work with in constructing the sculptures for the series. I treat the peel material as if it were fabric resembling organza or chiffon. The sculptures are embellished with computerized machine embroidery using abstracted anatomical, botanical, and ornamental imagery as decorative motifs.


embroidery, pattern, paper, heirloom, facial peel, negligee, visceral, domesticity, ornament, Wallpaper, blood, trousseau

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New York, NY


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