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Ya Tienen Asiento (after Goya)

Ya Tienen Asiento (after Goya)

Ligia Bouton. Ya Tienen Asiento (after Goya), 2005.

This project is inspired by Goya’s Caprichos, in particular plate 26 (They already have a seat). In this image, two young women have chairs balanced precariously on their heads and wear veils that cover their bodies down to their thighs. Their legs are bare. Behind them shadowy figures snigger and point. This image, in the context of the Caprichos series, is clearly a censure of what is perceived as the frivolity and foolishness of these young women. The title, inscribed at the bottom of the original print, has been interrupted to mean that the young women are judgmental and too quick to make up their minds.


reenactment, Goya, fabric, appropriation

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Santa Fe, New Mexico


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