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n= [phase 2]

Liliya Lifanova. n= [phase 2], 2010.

This project is inspired by one of the most visually spectacular events in the life of a cell: its division. The "stage" which the viewer sees from above is a theater-in-the-round, similar to a microscope stage where the specimens are mounted for examination. The lens of the camera, like the objective lenses of the scientific instrument, observes a ceremony that evokes a network of symbolism and metaphors. The choreography is reduced to a minimal cartography that sequentially illustrates the movement of each performer through and within the delineated space. Reproduced on transparencies, the drawings provide the additional context required to organize the looping, non-linear footage. As a set, these components are part of an equation where the n variable is the unknown. Sound and Co-production: Sebastian Alvarez.


textiles, performance, wrestling, sports, ritual, healing, cell division

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Untitled (Newspapers from the residence of Robert family, January - March 2011, Llorence del Penedes))Untitled (Newspapers from the residence of Robert family, January - March 2011, Llorenc del Penedes), detailUntitled (rolled filter paper, black thread)Untitled (whipped, black spins)Untitled (canvas rolled with multicolored paint)Untitled (rolled striped ticking fabric with thread)Untitled (scraped knees, black on white)

Anatomy is Destiny (Church of the Epiphany, Chicago), Video Memoriesn= [phase 1]n= [phase 2]

Amagansett, New York


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