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(K)Night Figure 470

(K)Night Figure 470

Linda Stein. (K)Night Figure 470, 20004.

As I look at this sculpture and let my eyes travel up and down its materials and textures, I feel that the upper portion, which is raw, stained wood, is naked and exposed. It reminds me of a sewing model before being draped with fabric by the tailor. The black leather, on the sculpture's left side, feels more confrontational to me, as it transitions to the lower part and prepares me for the take-no-prisoners toughness and grit of the lower, shield-like part, which is a burst of all kinds of metals. To me, Knight figure demands a visceral and a visual response. I see the inside, the guts of the figure. It was after creating (K)night Figure 470 that I wrote: "A figure, Naked, albeit vested in Finery, Defenseless, Armored, Vulnerable, Invincible. A monument, Sewing Template, Gesture of Life's Tease, Random, Precise. A Warrior, Still yet commanding Thrust into Battle, Strenghth, Fragility."


protection, hero, strength, fragility, power, warrior, knight, figurative, figure, heroic, sexism, work, public

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