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Lucinda Luvaas. Glory, 2011.

Commissioned by The SALAMATINA GALLERY for ART for AUTISM SPEAKS, Edition of 25

Glory, is a reflective adulation of nature. The video ranges in feeling from a longing for freedom to a final release. From sunset clouds with imagined sea below to a large turtle wanting to escape from the crowd, to a stormy sky both threatening and mysterious. The sea filled with undulating plants rhythmically moving to the chanting of underwater sounds while a sea bird looks for her next meal, a mother protects her baby eggs on the beach, others watch over her...then giant clouds full of rain water ready to burst with little pools sheltering tiny, tiny crabs--almost invisible. A seahorse like a mechanical dancer peaceful in his placement of blue walls that become an overlay of giant clouds with an eagle who soars peacefully, slowly--confident that all will be well in the world, in the heavens, and forever.

The imagery/footage for Glory, came from all over the United States.

For more information about this video please contact: Salamatina Gallery, Manhasset, NY. www.salamatina.com


sunset, clouds, stormy, turtles, crabs, music, ocean, seahorse, sky, clouds, birds, glory, nature, sea

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