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Laura's inheritance


Maggie Cardelus. Laura's inheritance, 2003.


My daughter Laura at age two. I used this piece to work out my anxieties about her looking so much like me. I gave her a c-section and turned her into a flower vase and put a large bouquet of photographs in her for her to keep alive. I recognize the potential violence I might inflict on her just being me and I am telling her that this piece is all she needs to inherit from me. She needs to know she doesn't have to be my vase, or have children if she doesn't want to. She can be herself because the piece takes care of who she might think she needs to be.

Mixed Media

c-section, children, sculpture, relief, installation, maternal anxiety, vase, bouquet, flowers, album, photographs, craft, childhood, daughter, motherhood, birth, cut-out, domestic

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Milano, Mi


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