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Binding Ritual, Daily Routine

Binding Ritual, Daily Routine

Mary Coble. Binding Ritual, Daily Routine , 2005.

Binding Ritual, Daily Routine was a live performance that took place at Artists Space in New York City, New York in 2005 as part of “Performa ’05”. In this performance piece the artist repeatedly taped and untaped her breast with duct-tape for over ninety minutes. This piece speaks to the emotional and physical pain that many transgender people may feel on a daily basis. For Female to Male transgender individuals, who may bind daily, want to be perceived as having no breast at all. To bind that tightly can be not only extremely physically painful but can be mentally trying as well. The artist wanted to create a physical manifestation of the mental space where she imagines transgender individuals silently suffer, while shortening a lifetime into a few hours.


Transgender, gay, lesbian, Female to Male, F2M, performance, Performa, Artists Space, emotional pain, breast, GLBT, endurance, body art, Mary Coble, USA, Washington DC

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