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Psyche's Tail


Meghan Boody. Psyche's Tail, 2000.


om the series, "Psyche and Smut"

Psyche and Smut is a tale of psychic metamorphosis which follows the relationship of Psyche, a polite, pinafored little girl and her deviant and dark twin sister, Smut. Adopting the sisters as dueling agents of female duality, the series wends its way through labyrinthine territories of a writhing subconscious. Equally imbued in the worlds of Dr. Freud and Dr. Frankenstein, the narrative unfurls like a freewheeling analysis of dream imagery – the product of a mind attempting to reconcile it’s warring factions and rebuild itself.

The story begins with Psyche who lives a sheltered life in the Upper East Side of New York City. After a troubling altercation with her mother, she falls into a trance and resurfaces in an underground city ruled by frogs and their concubines. Rumor has it that Smut is part of their gang and lurks in the vicinity. Spurred on by this news, Psyche resolves to find and make amends with her exiled twin; and thus the quest begins.

Psyche endures many trials of transformation as she grapples with her shadow. At one point, she grows a rat’s tail; at another, Smut takes off a mask to reveal her ravaged and blemished skin, and Psyche teeters on the precipice of accepting or rejecting her flawed twin. Buffeted by libidinal tides of attraction and repulsion, the twins gradually close in on each other. Finally, the two agree to a double death of mutual absorption. A magnetic force field envelopes the twins and fuses their identities to create a resplendent, integrated whole: Psyche Supernova.


twins, little girls, caves, digital photography, fairy tales

Night is generally my time for walkingEast O"With a single drop of ink for a mirror, the sorcerer undertakes to reveal to any chance comer far reaching visions of the past."PsychePsyche SupernovaSweet Thumbelina donThe Mice & Me

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