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Gestures of Demarcation III

Gestures of Demarcation III

Melanie Manchot. Gestures of Demarcation III, 2001.

'Gestures of demarcation' are a set of 6 large scale color photographs, that use performative strategies to playfully explore physical limits and boundaries. While not a performance itself this series refers to 60's/70's performance works and particularly those of feminist artists from that period. The images describe an act, in which various anonymous protagonists are asked to violate the borderline between people that is demarcated on the body by the skin. Instructed to extend the skin of the artist's upper body as far as possible, it is left to each participant in this experimental set up to choose how and where to do so. The gesture hovers between aggression, power yet also a certain sense of trust and complicity. The contrast between the clothed participants and the naked artist further complicates the play of active and passive.


gesture, performativity, collaboration, photography, demarcation, physical limitations, pain, violation, skin, aggression, power, naked, active/passive

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