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Ceremonial Arch Honoring Service Workers III

Ceremonial Arch Honoring Service Workers III

Mierle Laderman Ukeles. Ceremonial Arch Honoring Service Workers III, 1994.

I believe the City is a living entity, our ecological home. If you want to have a City, you need to become inter-dependent on many kinds of service workers whose work is never finished, but cycles like breathing, to keep the City alive and healthy. No matter how technologically advanced our culture becomes we will always be dependent upon these workers. I asked workers from 12 NYC agencies and authorities to give me their dirty work gloves, signifying work and honor. / Six columns are made of emblematic materials from six different agencies. / Courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York.

Mixed Media

arch, gloves, city workers, social activist, triumphant arch, agencies

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Bronx, New York


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