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Ancient Armor

Ancient Armor

Miriam Schaer. Ancient Armor, 2000.

Ancient Armor is a golden girdle that houses an obscure nursery rhyme:

Lady Queen Ann, she sits in the sun.
As fair as a lily, as white as the sun.
Come taste my lily, come taste my rose,
Which of my maidens have you chose?
Go to the wood and gather flowers.
The ball is ours and none of yours.
Cats and kittens now stay within;
While all young maidens walk out and in.

The facing pages contain images of idealized women peeking through veils of gold paint, longing to leave their places and jump off the page. They are looking to go and yet hiding safely inside the girdle, knowing they can go back to a place of refuge and safety.


nursery rhyme, gold, found objects, body, Girdle

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