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Nancy Wilson-Pajic. Passages, 1995.

Exhibition in the Passages des Princes in Paris by In Vitro. Installation consisting of a back-lighted, translucent curtain gently stirred by a fan and a taped text about a woman passing through. -----TEXT (Excerpts) ---She was a stranger. We didn’t know where she had come from. ---She came from far away and she wasn’t planning to stay. ---She was traveling. Nobody knew what she was doing here. ---She was only passing through. ---She asked for directions. I forget were it was she wanted to go. It was much further along. ---She was a widow. That is, she was dressed in black. Maybe she had a veil over her eyes, or she was wearing dark glasses. ---She was a foreigner. You could tell from her way of dressing, her walk. ---She was only passing through, she said, on her way to visit her family. ---She was a tourist. We didn’t know there was anything interesting to see here. ---They say she was born with an eye on the horizon. Even as a small child she talked about the day when she would leave. ---She was born without roots. No matter where she was, she was only passing through. ---Nobody remembers what her name was. Nobody remembers anything about her. All she left behind her was a mystery.


passage, movement, air, light, text, recording

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