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Threshold Mysteries

Threshold Mysteries

Nancy Wilson-Pajic. Threshold Mysteries, 2009.

10 short texts, reflections on the symbolism of the threshold, in English and in French, pinned to the wall and individually lighted. -----TEXT (Excerpts) ---I: It is difficult to understand how a threshold — any of them, all of them! — is dangerous. You absolutely cannot conceive at which point your life could be completely devastated by the simple fact of crossing a limit, by chance, at the wrong moment. It can happen to anyone. It happens to everyone. It happens to the insensitive without their even noticing it and is manifested in a mysterious change of attitude of those around them... ---VI: Imagine the day when you push the door at the entrance of the building where you have lived so many years and, without any warning, you are transformed into old folks... You climb the steps as always, but you don’t know where you are going any more... ---IX: Here, at the threshold, we are stricken with transition. Here, at the door, are all dangers, all promises, all possibilities... There is a minute space, not even a line, an invisible void that must be crossed, between two worlds more radically different than we can imagine, two worlds so terribly distant one from the other that the empty space which separates them is an abyss which we can cross only by risking great danger to our equilibrium...

Mixed Media

text, light, threshold, paper, print, mixed-media, installation

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