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Dear John

Dear John

Nancy Wilson-Pajic. Dear John, 1968–1969.

In situ sound installation in a kitchen consisting of a pile of dishes and a voice recounting the daily routine of a wife-mother-secretary. Also shown as a sound sculpture at Cooper Union in New York in 1969 (illustration). -----TEXT (Excerpts) ---Usually I get up at 6 and make myself a cup of coffee before everybody else gets up. ---Then I wake up the kids and get them washed and give them breakfast. ---While they are eating, I finish packing the lunches. ---Then I wake up my husband and give him his breakfast... ---While he is eating, I get the kids dressed and ready for school, pull on my sweat suit, load the kids into the car and drive them to school. There are a bunch of roughnecks on the school bus and they beat up on my kids all the time; I guess they resent the fact that they are better in school or something. So I drive them, and they are less nervous and do better in school. ---Then I come back to the house and get myself ready for work. My husband has already left by the time I get back because he has been transferred to a town 20 miles further and it takes him longer to get to work. I don’t really take enough time with my appearance. With my position, I should have a better appearance, but I just don’t have enough time to do my hair and put on a lot of make-up. Sometimes the other girls make comments, so I do try to put on make-up... ---My husband gets very nervous when we talk about money, so it is hard to get anything decided. Usually he gets mad and goes off to bed in a huff while I try to figure something out. ---He thinks I should ask for a raise with all the extra work I do, but he doesn’t understand that it isn’t work on my level that I do, but it is filling in for secretaries and clerks, so I can’t ask for more money. I suppose I should be able to insist that they do it, but there is so much resentment against my having the responsibility that I hate to make more demands than I have to. It’s not how much work you do; it’s the kind of work you do that gets you more money. I already earn more than any of the other girls in the company. My husband says I am being exploited and that I should stand up for myself better.


sound, voice, everyday objects, installation, recorded text

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