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"The Crossing" (detail)

"The Crossing" (detail)

Nancy Worthington. "The Crossing" (detail), 2001.


This artwork is a parody on two U.S. presidents named George. George Washington, our first president, and George Dubya Bush, our current president. "The Crossing" is a political satire, based on the famous war painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware, replaced by a cast of characters from the current administration. The sculpture has a nautical theme complete with rubber rats, rope and a large buoy-like object. A light shines on the diorama at the top of the artwork where one can pull the hat on Mr. Potato Head-which makes a foghorn-like sound. It is a comment on the arrogant, yet stupid persona of George Dubya, standing in the boat calling out, "What crossing-where?"

"The Crossing" was censored from the Alliance Française  in San Francisco and drew international attention when The Sunday New York Times, Le Monde (Paris) and World of Art Magazine carried the story. Click here to see NY Times article

Mixed Media

war, Dubya, censorship, social commentary art, political art, George Bush, caricature

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