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Tang Lady Housewife - Architectonic (collaboration with L. Roser)

Tang Lady Housewife - Architectonic (collaboration with L. Roser)

Nina Kuo. Tang Lady Housewife - Architectonic (collaboration with L. Roser), 2008.

This 3-D video still montage was taken from "Tang Dynasty Housewife," a collaboration with L. Roser, an accomplished animator, architect and composer. In the video, the pressures of industrialization are conquered by the Tang dynasty housewife in a post- futurist dreamscape. The subject of Tang ladies in contemporary or futuristic settings appears frequently in Kuo’s paintings, sculpture, 3-D animations and stop action videos. One of the video stills from this work appears in Envisioning Diaspora: Asian American Artist Collectives, by Alexandra Chang (Timezone 8 Editions, 2008).


locomotive, industrial, Asian, Chinese, urban, architectural, anachronistic, Video, Digital, Animation, rituals, housewife

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