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Garden Stops

Garden Stops

Patsy Norvell. Garden Stops, 1995–1997.

Garden Stops consists of two separate installations, one at the Beverley Road Station and one at the Cortelyou Road Station of the Brighton Beach subway line in Brooklyn, NY. These stations have street level station houses suspended over below ground open-air tracks. Both installations consist of exterior steel fences, stairway fences, and sandblasted interior bay and arched windows that overlook the tracks. The visual history of the this site is seen in the use of an original running square design in the fence and in the sandblasted glass's images of the ivy that grew over the station house. Bay windows: 10’ x 5’3’’; Arched windows: 4’8’’ x 3’; Stairway windows: 16’5” x 2’3’’ Painted steel fence: Beverley Station site: 66’ x 35’; Cortelyou Station site: 67’ x 20’ Fence height: 9’4’’; End column capitals: 24” x 24’’ x 22’’


fence, Brighton Beach, passageways, history, plants, ivy, subway, glass, Brooklyn

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New York, NY
United States


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