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The New York Times Performances

The New York Times Performances

Pia Lindman. The New York Times Performances, 2004.

Since 2003 I have performed in public by reenacting gestures of grief I have found on the pages of the "New York Times." I perform in squares, parks, museums, and malls. The locations are varied and range from a window display at a New York gallery to Foley Square in downtown Manhattan in front of the Freedom of Expression National Monument. In some cities, I have taken the audience on a guided tour and performed for approximately five minutes in front of each monument we visited. This photograph is from my performance tour in Vienna, Austria, in 2004, performing next to the Maria Theresien Fountain.


gesture, The New York Times Project, media, public, performance, public space

Fascia ChairFascia, Squashed FaceLakonikon (part of the New York Times Project)Black Square (One drawing of the series. Part of the New York Times Project)The New York Times PerformancesViewing PlatformWaterline

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United States

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