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When My Baby (When My Baby)

When My Baby (When My Baby)

Patricia Piccinini. When My Baby (When My Baby), 2005.

"In her new video work 'When My Baby (When My Baby)', an unidentified creature is presented in close-up. "Hair and folds of skin ssuggest a living entity which is animated by the squirming, bump-like presence of symbiotic parasites that move about just beneath the surface. The gradual revealing of a face elicits pathos and also a deeply-rooted primal recognition between viewer and creature. Like much of Piccinini's work, this odd visage is both familiar and strange to us, just as we are no doubt equally perplexing to it." --Rachel Kent, "Nature's Little Helpers," exhibition catalogue, Robert Miller Gallery, NYC, 2005 Writing about this video in the same catalogue Piccinini explained, "In 'When My Baby (When My Baby)' another transformation takes place over the course of a few minutes. It does change back; however, once we have seen it we can never return. When I started this work, I was thinking of Peter Allen, 'The Boy from Oz'. I'm not sure why."


video, baby, transformation, symbiosis, biology, hair, skin, primal, creature

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Melbourne, Victoria

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