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Human Being

Human Being

Ryoko Suzuki. Human Being, 2006.

The media that we see every day has been providing stereotyped images such as beautiful young slender women and healthy men with developed muscles as if they are average people. It makes real people feel guilty because most of them do not meet the standard. However, does the image made up by the media reflect the essential beauty of human beings?

The models of my work, ‘human being,’ are old couples, lean brothers who are less masculine by the standard, and blue-collar workers with flabby buttocks. They are completely different from the stereotyped images on the media, but I cannot deny their inner beauty. I would like to express the beauty and the greatness that should be found in every single person.
What does the Japanese society work toward, which abnormally lionizes youth? Overcoming our prejudices, we need to face the reality with eyes wide open.


media, Japan, identity, sexuality, beauty, body, photography

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chuo-ku, tokyo

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chuo-ku, tokyo

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