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SEIFUKU 1 from the series ANIKORA

SEIFUKU 1 from the series ANIKORA

Ryoko Suzuki. SEIFUKU 1 from the series ANIKORA, 2007.

The serial work entitled ANIKORA employs Japanese anime-girl-type ‘Figures.’ The figures in the first series are naked or nearly naked, but the ones in the second series wear several kinds of uniforms (including a French maid costume) that are commonly seen in Japanese animations.

I wonder why these figures in such uniforms which are special clothes made for teenage girls, in other words, molds imposed by adults for a limited time look more seductive than the figures in a state of nudity.
The animations, which create a virtual world and stimulate people’s imagination, gain popularity so much in Japan. I cannot deem this Japanese situation to be a cultural decline, but I think I need to watch the direction that people’s desire is taking.


sexuality, gender, photography, Japan, Japanese anime, eroticism

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chuo-ku, tokyo

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chuo-ku, tokyo

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