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Sabina Baumann

Sabina Baumann was born in 1962 in Zug and lives and works in Zurich. She studied visual arts at the H�here Schule f�r Gestaltung, Zurich, from 1987 to 1991. As an artist she has been having various national and international exhibitions as well as different remittance works such as art in public. Furthermore she was a founder and co-organiser/curator for several art projects based on Queer-feminism contents; i.e. Seximus Productions and Casual. Sabina Baumann received numerous awards like artist-in-residences in New York 1996/97 or Berlin 2000. Since 2001 she has been lecturer for sculpture design at F+F Schule f�r Kunst und Mediendesign, Zurich and for painting at �cole Sup�rieure d’Art Visuel in Geneva. Sabina Baumann works with video and installation, but mainly with sculpture and drawing. At first view they seem to be simple, but collectively they are figurative and play with diverse stylistic elements such as comics and minimal art. The conjunction of different styles generates a tension, which finds its manifestation in its content. They often mediate sentiences of indisposition or they show feelings of individuals, who are in opposition to social expectations, social inappropriate claims and sensibilities. Sabina Baumann’s work, which first seem to be simple, proves itself to be irritating and often unfolds a tragi-comical humour.
It would be nice, if we’d stop trying to adapt to the heterodualist, traditional costumes of association so we’d be easily perceivable as individuals.

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