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All Things Being Equal (2.5 minute excerpt)

Sam Jury. All Things Being Equal (2.5 minute excerpt), 2009.

A seamlessly looped video depicting the continuous ‘bobbing’ up and down motion of a disembodied head besieged by water – both of which move against perceived logic. This work was filmed in one shot (filming through one event – the water – to get to another) and is part of a larger body of work examining the notion of suspended trauma in response to society’s relationship with film and event. Visually the work plunders a range of conventions from contemporary science fiction imagery to 15th and 16th century Italian religious paintings. The shaved head ostensibly removes any specific ‘style’ but paradoxically echoes extreme political or cultural statements, religious observation, gender politics, military codes and perhaps even simple necessity. This combined with the method of filming renders the subject almost lifeless without identity or relationship to the viewer, except when it subtly shifts from passive to active and dislodges the role of watched and watcher.


video, digital, trauma, event, document, gender, religion, painting, water, portrait, head, science fiction, contextless

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All Things Being Equal (2.5 minute excerpt)

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