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Mr. Slit

Mr. Slit

Sheila Pepe. Mr. Slit, 2007.

First exhibited in Shared Women, at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in the winter of 2007, in close proximity to the exhibition Wack and Faith Wilding’s formative Crocheted Environment (Womb Room), 1972. Wilding’s crochet work has long been the historical ground on which much of my own work rests. Mr. Slit takes my own crocheting back to it’s 1980’s Lesbian Feminist roots. It’s a nod to Wilding as well as an overt sexualized update: I don’t really care about your womb; it’s the other parts that I like.


sculpture, crochet, rubber, shoe lace, womb, lesbian, drawing

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Brooklyn, NY
United States


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