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Biddy Mason: Time & Place

Biddy Mason: Time & Place

Sheila L de Bretteville. Biddy Mason: Time & Place, 1989–1990.

Biddy Mason lived at this downtown Los Angeles site where a new parking garage was to be built. Betye Saar and I both did projects at this site, sponsored by CRA/LA and power of Place. I chose the external wall mid block as that part of the wall would be visible from Spring Street so that all could see we were honoring Biddy Mason here. With images and texts I interwove her history and that of the city in which she gained her freedom and contributed her skills with a generous open hand. Betye Saar honored that generosity of and open hand in her public piece at this site. Los Angeles, CA.


Biddy Mason, Betye Saar, California., community, Los Angeles, public art

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Hamden, Connecticut

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