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Omoide noShotokyo

Omoide noShotokyo

Sheila L de Bretteville. Omoide noShotokyo, 1998.

The oldest street in downtown Los Angeles was designated an historic site yet its history was hidden. Attracting passersby, the entire length of new sidewalk has a time line along the doorways of the buildings. Brass and steel texts deliver some of the uses of the buildings and historic events that shaped this community's experience. Below the time line, nine images of wrapped objects metaphors suggested by research and conversations with those who lived and worked here. Gaps evoke presence and absence, color reflects the narrow building plots, the five golden decades, and the egregious events and changes at this site during the decade around WWII. CRA/LA. Los Angeles, CA.


history, time line, Tinted concrete, brass, steel, installation, Los Angeles, public art, World War II, community

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Hamden, Connecticut

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