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Simone Stoll. Loveletters, 2006–2007.

The series Loveletters was created out of a need for reality of body, the female sex. After having worked on the imaginary internalized image of the female sensual body within the series of ink drawings Softbodies-extra, I began researching imagery of the outer, hidden, but visible part of female body. In the Loveletters we behold the act of coloring the labia with lipstick and then in one unique moment, pressing the sex onto a piece of paper, sometimes strongly to reveal inner mucus, and other times softly, like a caress. Some reveal fine traces of pubic hair. Later, it is entirely shaved off leaving the bare and organic texture of skin. Body hair and now also pubic hair plays an important part in body fashion and ideas of beauty, which has gone through drastic change within the last years in Western societies. A generalized ideal of beauty, even for the female sex, has now introduced beauty surgery to standardize labia. Those Loveletters are intimate moments shared, my own body in various states of being. The intimate fragile body reveals our mental state of being, arousal, retraction, openness, protection, strength, and vulnerability.


labia, vulva, mucus, red, fluid, body, sex, vulnerable, reveal, trace, lipstick, hair, organic, skin, poetic, female

Softbodies-extraSoftbodies-extraSoftbodies-extra (detail)LovelettersLovelettersKiss Me

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Frankfurt, Hessen


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