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Simone Stoll. Softbodies-extra, 2006.

Finding shapes that convey the conception of life, like a cell with its membrane--its transitions and its fragility-- was the initial idea of Softbodies some years ago. They grew from a single shape into two, parted or melted into one another. Lines define inner and outer. Fluid gives mass and free flowing form. In microscopy one discovers bodies in layers and versions; surfaces become visible or blur into the mass. I felt a need to come closer to that invented body. They became blotchy and hairy, grew from slices to full bodies. The hair builds a fur-like cover and protects, but it is an attractor at the same time with tentacles caressing the air, a promise to caress. Softbodies-extra is the interim result of a search for sensuality and self-awareness. The human is seen as it may be, raw and fragile, given a shape inspired by the female sex. The body opens, receives, and gives way to the inside. I seek to create images of this state of being receptive, of the consciousness of the inner and the outer body, of the flow of giving and taking. Simone Stoll excerpt from 'Body', ‘Simone Stoll, softbodies-extra’ Edition la fabrique sensible, Marseilles, January 2006


fluid, void, lips, female, body, red, vulva, internal, ink

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Frankfurt, Hessen


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