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Goddess and Prostitutes, Red Moon

Goddess and Prostitutes, Red Moon

Skowmon Hastanan. Goddess and Prostitutes, Red Moon, 2006.

Graphite, newspaper cut out, and acrylic on Kraft paper, 9” x 12”. The "Goddess and Prostitutes series" of small-scale mixed media collages on Kraft paper and watercolor pencil drawings is my response to Asian sex classified ads in the "Village Voice." These advertisements are colorful portraits of Asian women for sexual consumption. The ads sell their services by employing stereotypes and giving pseudo-exotic names to these women, with particular cropping and framing of their bodies and faces. I transformed these images, or rather transfigured, glorified and exalted these women into goddesses. I am using elements of horror and humor found in Himalayan religious paintings and Asian horror cinema, as well as following a stream of consciousness through free associations with other cutout pictures from jewelry and flower catalogues.

Mixed Media

sex trade, commodification, exoticism

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Bronx, New York


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