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Superior Loading Dock in three panels

Superior Loading Dock in three panels

Susan L Berger. Superior Loading Dock in three panels, 2010–2011.


Rug-hooking techniques, stitching with markers, markers and paint on wood, and corrugated board and the metal gates on a loading dock with graffiti interspersed give this piece a three-dimensional look.

I had taken many photographs of 'Superior Ink Printing Company' before its demise in 2007. The company was part of the Far West Village landscape since 1918, and served as an important factor of the printing industry that existed for a long time in New York City. It coexisted with its neighbors and then was replaced by high-end, residential condos. Three panels represent the different stages of demolition of Superior Ink’s loading dock, and each one of the views gives a special feeling and experience of three-dimensionality to the piece in its final panel.

Mixed Media

loading dock, Urban

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New York City, New York

463 West Street Apt. 338B
New York City, New York 10014

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