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Tamar Hirschl. Trauma, 2005.

I began painting wall-sized murals on vinyl in 2001. The murals show my shock and sorrow at a world inflicted by war, ethnic struggles, terrorism and global unrest. Although these are inspired by my experience surviving and observing the calamities brought on by a modern world of conflict--such as the Holocaust, September 11th, and the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster--they are also a means by which I hope to call attention to the relationships of contemporary strife - between progress and destruction, between future and past.

I mix techniques used in historical mural painting with the large scale and powerful format of billboard advertising. Using collage and digital printing in addition to painting, I am attempting to combine personal memories of disaster with images of more recent global confrontations. I hope my assemblage of images, words, and “passages” from many different areas suggests that there can be a unity amongst divergent elements, the final product giving this concept an importance on both an individual and a universal level.

Mixed Media

collage, political, environmental, deer, people, figurative, large painting, mural, mixed-media

Untitled (Deer 348)Sea CryCivilization ICivilization VDeer WatchTraumaExchange Point

New York, New York

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