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Exchange Point

Exchange Point

Tamar Hirschl. Exchange Point, 2008.

Eco Project is an interactive public art project which was originally installed at NurtureArt gallery as part of the Demo Eco M.O. exhibition, curated by Linda Weintraub. During its installation at the gallery, some viewers contributed or removed items from the installation, as per the Exchange Point directions, while others chose to respond to Exchange Point through performance and drawing. The directions posted were as follows:

Exchange Point directions:
Visitors and gallery staff are invited to remove and keep any of the inventoried items on display in this work for re-use, and to fill empty containers with discarded items from the gallery or their own collections. Each exchange is recorded and may be posted online.

Before removing item:
1. Find the item’s label number or the number of its specific container in the log book
2. Record the borrower’s name, date, item, quantity taken, and if possible, a note of what the item will be used for in the log book

Before contributing an item:
1. Find the number of the specific container where the item will be stored in the log book. If your item does not fit into a container, ask the gallery
staff to shelve the item for you and create a new label number for the item
2. Record the contributor’s name, date, item, email and quantity donated in the log book


environmental, collage, mixed-media, large sculpture, installation, public, interactive, recycled, reclaimed

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