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Encounter(s), live performance, Turbine Hall, TATE Modern

Encounter(s), live performance, Turbine Hall, TATE Modern

Tejal Shah. Encounter(s), live performance, Turbine Hall, TATE Modern, 2006.

Swathed in a shell of white embroidered fabric, two bodies wrap themselves to an urban landscape in shape with the architecture. The straitjacket exoskeleton joined at the arms forms an outstretched bridge to span the distance between being connected and being able to touch. Tejal Shah (Bombay) and Varsha Nair (Bangkok) shared via email the experience of the edge within everyday normality and loneliness within the teeming cities they live in. Presenting their interactions in various locations, in these meditations they create a durational tableau vivant responding immediately to spaces they encounter. Photo by Elsa Hsiang-chun Chen


bridge, exoskeleton, relationships, performance, straitjacket, India, Varsha Nair

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