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Tsuneko Taniuchi

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Born in Hyogo (Japan).
Lived and worked in New York 1983-1984.
Lives and works in Paris since 1987.

Selected Solo Exhibitions /Events
"Micro-Event n°18bis /Marianne": "La Force de l'Art", Grand Palais, Paris.
Curator: Hou Hanru.
"Micro-Event n°31 /How to Design the World /Women in Search of a New Identity": Colombian American Cultural Center of Medellin and Museum of Modern Art of Medellin, Colombia.
"Micro-Event n°25 /VIP Cocktails": MAK-Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria.
"Micro-Event n°30 /Concert Rock / Elvis": Le Frac-Normandie, Caen, France.
"Micro-Event n°27 /Wedding": Fine Arts School in Rouen, France.
"Micro-Event n°26 /Je me marie en chinois": Miss China Beauty Gallery, Paris, France.
"Micro-Event n°6bis /Fast-Food": Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
"Micro-Event n°15 /La mariée le jour des noces": Podewill, Berlin, Germany.
"Micro-Event n°11 /Tsuneko Troc"; "Tokyorama": Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
Curators: Nicolas Bourriaud and Jérôme Sans.
"Micro-Event n°6 /Berlin /Fast-Food": Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.
"Micro-Event n°5 /Nine Female Characters"; "Paris pour escale": Museum of Modern Art of Paris, Paris.
Curators: Hou Hanru and Evelyne Jouanno.
"Micro-Event n°5 /Nine Female Characters": Transpalette, Bourges, France.
Micro-Event n°20 /How to Become a Good Housewife"; "Here, There and Nowhere", Quartier Ephémère, Montreal, Canada.
"Ninja Girl"; Gare de l'Est: Casino Luxembourg / Forum of Contemporary Art, Luxembourg.
Curators: Hou Hanru and Enrico Lunghui.

Selected Group Exhibitions /Events
"La Force de l'Art": Grand Palais, Paris.
"POST-HIATUS": Le Frac-Normandie, Caen, France.
"ST/A/R Performance": MAK, Vienna, Austria.
"Scènes de vie": Swiss Cultural Center of Paris, France.
"À table(s)": Domain Departmental of Chamarande, France.
"Liverpool Biennial": Tate Liverpool, Independents District, Liverpool, U.K.
"Occupations #1": Museum of Contemporary Art of Val-de-Marne / Vitry,  France.
"Intimités": City Hall of Paris, Paris.
"Sens Dessus-Dessous": Jennifer Flay Gallery, Paris.
Opening of the Palais de Tokyo - Video Projection.
"Art & Vitrine": Rougier & Plé, Paris.
"Arts d'Attitudes": Le Lieu, Québec, Canada.
Within the framework of the France au Québec / La  saison / AFAA .
"Paris pour escale": Museum of Modern Art of Paris, Paris.
"Les Revues parlées - Machines": Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
"Expériences du divers": Art & Essai Gallery / Rennes 2 University, France .
"Gare de l'Est" : Casino Luxembourg / Forum of Contemporary Art, Luxembourg.
"Passeurs": National Center of Photography of Paris.
"Parisien(ne)s": inIVA / Camden Arts Centre; London, U.K.
Curator: Hou Hanru.
1). My relationship to feminism.

Since the end of 80's, I work on themes related to the situation of women in contemporary society.
I am interested in the mechanism of social norms, (race, gender, sex, class, culture…) that define women's models in society. My work also addresses difficulties that a woman faces in a patriarchal world. I treat these difficulties as a game with humor, distance and provocation. Thus, I invented the "Micro-Event", a form of artistic realization, close to performance.
In my Micro-Events I combine reality –my physical presence, or that of a group– and fiction based on a scenario and it's staging. Each Micro-Event is videotaped / photographed and presented at the same place. The keyword is contact between the artist and the public. I am also developing virtual contact as a form of virtual game: see the Micro-Event n°13 /Jeu.
For this and for other reasons I consider myself to be a Post Feminist.

2). The specific works to submit to the Archive.

Micro-Event n°5 /Nine Female Characters.
This Micro-Event deals with relationships or games between the public and artist by staging alienating situations and struggles for emancipation by the characters that I play. I am faced with both the public and a camera recording the event. That double gaze dominates me. But a disruption, brought - via the grotesque - into the stereotypes I am playing, blocks all desire and operates a turning point. My characters question the female social model by their deviant attitudes, without ever being heroic figures.

Micro-Event n°9bis /A Female Boxer.
A film showing an Asian woman (myself) hitting a punching bag, on a spectacular television is contemplated by a nude, muscular white man, immobile in a bathtub. Then I filmed the whole scene with an audience. Relationships of domination between ethnic groups and genders are inversed

Micro-Event n°14, 21, 23, 24, 26, 29.
These Events are interactive games with political implications. They imitate marriage ceremonies.  I offer infinite opportunities to the public - women and men, without distinctions of sex and gender - to marry me. Every body has the right to marry.

3). What a "feminist archive" means to me.

My participation in this archive is to evaluate my work and other feminist's work within the context of feminist art history worldwide. The Feminist Archive will situate my work in the context of developing Feminist performance practices since the 60's.

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Micro-Event n°5 /Nine Female Characters (Ganguro Girl)Micro-Event n°9bis /A Female BoxerMicro-Event n°14 /Future Bride Likes to PaintMicro-Event n°18bis /MarianneMicro-Event n°20 /How to Become a Good HousewifeMicr-Event n°25 /VIP CocktailsMicro-Event n°29 /When I Fall in Love

Micro-Event n°5 /Nine Female CharactersMicro-Event n°14 /Love me TenderMicro-Event n°18 /Marianne Tsuneko / Tsuneko Marianne

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