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Who’s Boss: Your Rules

Who’s Boss: Your Rules

Tanya Ury. Who’s Boss: Your Rules , 2004.

Concept: Tanya Ury Camera: Tanya Ury and Katja Butt Digital processing: David Janecek Photograph sealed under plexiglass and mounted, H 56 cm x B 77 cm The filmed process of Tanya Ury’s body art embroidery and parody of the Boss credo ‘your fragrance, your rules’ has also been captured in a video-performance Röslein Sprach… The photographic image of the artist’s stretched out hand, the word ‘Boss’ hand-sewn into its palm, against a table cloth background, is combined with a photo of a shop window displaying a poster advertising Hugo men’s cologne ‘your fragrance’, on which a young man displays his hand inscribed with the handwritten logo ‘your rules’. Encoded within this digital collage are allusions to the fascist Era and the collusive activities of the fashion house Hugo Boss AG, when slave labour tailors made Nazi uniforms in the Metzingen workshop, Germany. A minimal payment in reparation was not offered until the year 2000. The Boss code of re-writing the rulebook to suit oneself, is reflected in the Boss German television advertising campaign 2004, ’your rules’.


Nazi, slave labour, Fascism, Hugo Boss

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