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Franco and Elke J.

Franco and Elke J.

Tanya Ury. Franco and Elke J., 2002.

Photograph sealed under plexiglass and mounted (MDF) 63cm x 94.5cm This double-profile-portrait combines the image of a Spanish 25 peseta coin from 1957 and a cutting from a German magazine in 1994. On the left, into the cheek of General Franco's face, a swastika has been carved. Opposite Franco is the photographic image of Elke J. a disabled German teenager who claimed that skinheads had attacked her and scratched a swastika onto her cheek. The scarification turned out to be self-inflicted. On the press photo her identity has been protected; a black line covers her eyes making her appear anonymous or blinkered.


self-portrait, coin, Franco, swastika, Nazi, skinhead, scar

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