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Who’s Boss: Soul Brother: Shaheen

Who’s Boss: Soul Brother: Shaheen

Tanya Ury. Who’s Boss: Soul Brother: Shaheen, 2006.

Concept Tanya Ury Camera: Tanya Ury Digital processing: Claudia Stasch Photograph B 22, 9 x H 42 cm Spring 2005, Hugo Boss manufactured and presented a new men’s cologne with the advertising campaign: Body, Mind and Soul: “Do you have what it takes to be successful? Behind the surface of every man is his soul. Sharpen your mind. Challenge your body.” "Who’s Boss: Soul Brother: Shaheen" features Shaheen Merali, artist and Head (of the section): Exhibition, Film, New Media, House of World Cultures, Berlin, photographed in March 2005. The background is: "17.3-15.5.05" by Michael Lin, in the foyer of the House of World Cultures. This photograph, the first of the photo series "Soul Brother," is a collage of the Hugo Boss “Body, Mind and Soul” advert digitally combined with this portrait of Shaheen wearing Tanya Ury’s T-shirt with her transformed Boss Logo design that incorporates the SS Rune. Displaying the Nazi symbol is illegal in Germany. Some truths are still repressed, such as the fact that Hugo Boss exploited forced labour employed as seamstresses and tailors, to make Nazi uniforms. But those depicted in "Soul Brother" are individuals who, having discovered this fact, wished to be involved its exposure to a wider public.


South Brother, Nazi, portrait, Hugo Boss, Shaheen Merali

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