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Dress of the Unfaithful Wife

Dress of the Unfaithful Wife

Andi LaVine Arnovitz. Dress of the Unfaithful Wife, 2009.

The Dress of the Unfaithful Wife refers to a passage in the Old Testament which elaborates on a procedure performed on a woman whose husband accuses her of adultery. The dress is made of transparent paper, as a reminder of the invisibility of her rights throughout this ordeal. The piece is encased in a glass vitrine, visible from all sides which refers to her lack of privacy, to the uncovering of her hair, to her humiliation and denial of modesty. Embedded in the paper are hair, dirt, and Hebrew letters, all a reference to this archaic and degrading ritual.

Mixed Media

thread, adultery, Japanese paper, Bible, women, Sotah

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Bak'a, Jerusalem

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Bak'a, Jerusalem

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